Family — the respect of it, the love of it, and the pursuit of it — is the foundation of stable civilization. Courtship (for the eventual purpose of getting married and starting a family) has been the standard practice for time immemorial. That is no longer the case.

The cynicism surrounding family and relationships in the newest generations of young adults, especially among college students, is unprecedented. And why would that be surprising? The “college experience” may as well have been (and perhaps was) designed to leave students cynical and burned out, convinced that they can never find meaning in love.

Tinder hookups, drunk flirtations at a party, drawn-out “unofficial” (non-monogamous) relationships — this is the experience of what the average college student might call their “love life.” Sober in-person flirtations, genuine proclamations of adoration, modesty, and even going on dates — the shadows of an era long since passed.

But it is an untenable lifestyle. How often can a man text pickup lines to uninterested women, get stood up, and ghosted, before he gives up on pursuing love? How often can a woman be used for a one-night stand, cheated on in an “unofficial” relationship, and asked not on a date but to “come over,” before her perception of her worth is obliterated to the point that she sees no value in a romantic connection?

This atmosphere is the inherent consequence of a devoutly secular and materialist culture with no underlying moral fiber. The lack of religion or spirituality leads young adults to the natural conclusion that the highest virtue is the furtherance of the self, and if this is the case, why not succumb to the most base and shallow desires?

As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him.”

The post-modernists and cultural Marxists in Big Tech, academia, and Hollywood have seized on the opportunity to take the natural desire for intimacy, combined with the modern moral vacuum, and turn it into the most soulless and depraved behaviors by digitizing and corporatizing it.

Why would you want to go out and meet a woman when there are hundreds of them to ogle at on Instagram? Why would you bother seriously courting anyone when you could find 30 more people on Tinder? Why bother fostering a relationship when you can satisfy yourself by having sex with a stranger? Why bother having sex when you have access to thousands of porn websites? For every aspect of the natural human desire for romantic, monogamous, intimate, real love, modernity has an artificial replacement meant to pull you in and destroy you.

The world is, in every way, actively working against the fostering of legitimate love because the empowered nature of man and woman united is a threat — a threat to the liberal establishment, to woke ideology, and to the formation of a Marxist society. The state must be superior, the material must come first, and you must have unquestionable allegiance. Creating families, finding religion, and living virtuously must end. In its war against the beautiful and the true, modernity takes no prisoners.

So unplug from the false reality being programmed around you, find value in something higher than yourself, and treasure the profoundness of authentic expressions of love.

Men: be chivalrous, ask her on a real date, and treat her like a lady. Women: know your value and stop settling for men who will have sex with you once and never talk to you again.

Seek marriage, seek purpose, seek modesty, and seek family. With virtue and direction, you may be able to navigate this hellscape we call modern dating.

The views expressed in this article solely represent the author's views and not necessarily College Dissident's.

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