Many on the American Right call the Republican Party their political home. After all, conservatives such as Pat Buchanan and Joe Sobran did the same many decades ago. Some would argue that it is the best hope for our ideas to be realized and our goals to be achieved. Others would maintain that even if the Republican Party is not perfect, we must oppose the Left at all costs, even if we must compromise or vote for mediocre candidates.

Various black conservatives have described leaving the “Democratic plantation” as an analogy for how the Democratic Party does not represent black people. They argue the Democrats are racist in their patronizing message toward black people and their endless welfare legislation. Sadly, the Republican Party also maintains a “plantation” for its white, Christian base. In reality, the GOP is not any different from the Left in any meaningful way. When pressed, it will condemn Christian patriots while propping up controlled opposition.

Look no further than the recent 2023 Republican National Committee chair race. Ronna Romney McDaniel, the niece of notorious neocon Mitt Romney, has held the seat since 2017. McDaniel rose to prominence through the Tea Party, which was somewhat of a precursor to the energy of 2016 Donald Trump. While being a Trump ally (a label that continues to lose its meaning every day), McDaniel has towed the same party line of her so-called RINO opponents: low taxes, small government, free trade, and increased immigration. A few quick searches on her Twitter demonstrates she is either seriously out of touch, deliberately gatekeeping, or, most likely, both. Here are some highlights:

This one should speak for itself. The protests were not peaceful, and George Floyd was a drug-addicted criminal.

Calling out the hypocrisy of the Democrats is a favorite Republican platitude that has gotten us nowhere. Also, why would Republicans even want a deal that compromises on such a vital issue, and one that Barack Obama would support?

Israel is the only nation the Republican Party unquestionably stands with 100% of the time. Not America.

On Friday, McDaniel won the chair race again, and she will be the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee for another two years. Former President Donald Trump himself congratulated her on the victory.

Her victory was terrible enough, but we must also scrutinize the supposed grassroots opposition. A woman called Harmeet Dhillon, a national committeewoman of the Republican National Committee for California, was McDaniel's chief opponent. A scandal broke out around a month before the election when it became known that Dhillon is a Sikh, and chair candidate Mike Lindell criticized her for it.

“She is an Indian Sikh by birth and heritage, Not of Judeo-Christian worldview. None of these core character positions aligns with the Republican Party Platform, planks, or conservatism in general,” Lindell wrote in an email.

How can a non-Christian represent the interests and well-being of Christian conservatives? Funnier still was McDaniel's reaction, calling criticism of Dhillion's inability to serve Christians as “religious bigotry.”

On Friday, the Republican National Committee also passed a resolution condemning Ye and dissident right-wing commentator Nicholas J. Fuentes for “anti-Semitism.” The most irritating Republican dogma fills the resolution, including trademark misinterpretations of the American founding as ideals such as “freedom” and “small government” and attacks on Fuentes for a joke made years ago and on Ye for comments taken out of context.

We must also ask what “anti-Semitism” even means nowadays, as the term refers to any criticism toward Israel or broad Jewish power in America. Thus, we cannot blindly accept this version of conservative cancel culture.

It is no longer — and frankly, has not been for a long time — acceptable to defend the Republican Party as a viable alternative to the Left. We must remember that Trump ran as Trump in 2016 — not as a conventional Republican. He started a revolution against the status quo, and the America First vanguard must not be sucked back into standard politics.

We must not vote for an inauthentic, insincere candidate trying to make a quick buck off genuine concerns. The America First youth must lead the pilgrimage away from the Republican Party establishment to a movement and leaders who will fight for us, our faith, and our nation. It is time to leave the Republican plantation and find true sovereignty.

The views expressed in this article solely represent the author's views and not necessarily College Dissident's.

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