Tennessee Governor Bill Lee is set to sign a bill banning drag shows in public and in front of children. A bill prohibiting “gender affirmation care” for minors was also sent to the governor's desk.

Much of the recent debate on these subjects stems from the university I attend, Vanderbilt. A few months ago, Vanderbilt’s Medical Center was forced to pause what it calls “gender-affirming surgery” on minors due to backlash from the public and conservative commentators alike. Now, conversations are happening nationwide about the ethical nature of exposing kids to drag and trans treatment.

Luckily for the students at Vanderbilt, they can still go down to Broadway on the weekends and watch a bunch of men dressed as women gyrate for entertainment. It's a “thing” on campus for students to do this. Some even claim they do so to relieve stress. Later, when students return to their dorm from a night out, they can sleep soundly, knowing they can wake up in the morning and schedule an appointment with their doctor to cut their penis off, as long as they're 18.

I obviously say this in a joking manner. The passage of these bills is a step in the right direction. Discussions about these topics, which were once off-limits, are now in the mainstream. But we must go further. The quality of life in America is rapidly deteriorating, and the issues we face are more perverse than ever. However, the solution is surprisingly simple: ban all transgender surgery and all drag. Don’t allow drag for adults or for children. Any doctor who performs such a barbaric surgery should be charged. Any drag performer who displays such depravity should be penalized.

Prohibiting sex change operations for children but allowing it for adults signals that transgender surgery is in some way a valid form of treatment. It masks the true nature of transsexualism: mental illness. It cannot be cured by further indulging in the patient's delusions to the point of body mutilation. Transgender “care” is a medical experiment that deforms the individual. Drag is simply another expression of transsexualism, only with more glitter and makeup to mask the sad reality of the situation. This isn’t the first time the world dealt with something like this.

For years, we've been told that once we finally rid ourselves of the evils of homophobia and transphobia, people will finally be able to truly express themselves and, as a result, reshape society into a much more loving and open place. Now everything sucks. Coincidence? I think not. Personally, I think that trying to go against the fabric of reality in public displays of decadence is a severe issue, especially when all our leading institutions push it.

Transsexuals should get the proper care they need — not through surgery, but through psychological treatment. Most children who believe they're transgender grow out of it, so it clearly isn’t a permanent ailment for most people.

Leftists will oppose these measures, but of course they will: they want their side to win. What's truly disheartening is the many conservatives who will bend over backward to defend this nonsense. They will invoke the same tired talking points about liberty, freedom, and rights. They will argue that big government is the real problem. What these people don’t realize is that we're facing an abyss. We don’t have time left, and the conservative strategy for the past 60 years of running away from the issues and sometimes embracing liberalism has been an abysmal failure. It's time to try something new. Some will suggest that my policies are radical. I say they're necessary.

There's one thing I want to clarify: I say everything out of love, not out of hate. I want the best for everyone. Simply ignoring the issues or going along with delusion isn't love: it's neglect. I have faith in Jesus Christ, and I serve God. I wouldn't be a faithful Christian if I didn't condemn the evil I see every day.

Unfortunately for the students at Vanderbilt, they'll have to find another way to entertain themselves.

Written by an anonymous student attending Vanderbilt University.

The views expressed in this article solely represent the author's views and not necessarily College Dissident's.

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