A few months ago, I published a Twitter thread about why I believe conservative students are losing on college campuses. My thread quickly gained traction, so I thought I would share it here:

Conservatives are losing on college campuses simply because almost all of them are cowards and losers. Leftist students are openly and militantly anti-white, anti-Christianity, and anti-American. Meanwhile, conservative students hold book clubs where they read Milton Friedman.

In my experience, the messaging of conservative students has been pathetic. Leftist students speak in simple, concrete terms, and they identify a common enemy: white Americans. Conservative students quote John Locke and Ronald Reagan and complain about the national debt.

Whenever I hear of a new example of anti-white discrimination at a college, I check if the college’s College Republicans chapter even put out a statement about it. They rarely do. If they are too afraid to speak out about blatant anti-white hatred, what message does that send?

Just a few weeks ago, a dean at my college admitted her administration was illegally discriminating against white students. She gave no apology. And yet all “conservative” organizations at my college were silent about it. I wrote about this here.

Meanwhile, in 2020 a professor at my college was placed under investigation by the administration because a student accused him of criticizing Martin Luther King Jr. Students called for his firing. He repeatedly denied he committed such an offense.

Conservatives aren’t losing on college campuses merely because they’re a minority. They’re losing because they’re concerned with their image and how “intellectual” they sound. If they all disappeared overnight, there would be no difference.

The views expressed in this article solely represent the author's views and not necessarily College Dissident's.

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