A few months ago, a woman called Jessica Pieklo tweeted something honest. Honesty is in short supply today, so what she said drew attention.

“Honestly if you’re a white person who says they’re committed to racial justice and you’re in good standing with most [of] your family I have *questions* for you and they are definitely pointed,” Pieklo wrote.

So this woman is clearly insane. But surprisingly, Pieklo isn’t some woke college freshman who has a poor relationship with her father. She’s a middle-aged law professor. And her tweet, despite it sounding like the ramblings of a distressed mental asylum patient, gained over 15,000 likes. Many share her sentiments.

The takeaway? If you’re white, you can never do enough. You’ll always be a bad person. You posted a black square on your Instagram profile? You’re still white. You shared petitions every time police killed a black person? You’re still white. You helped clean up the streets after Black Lives Matter burned down cities across the country? You’re still white. And now, if you still celebrate Thanksgiving with your white family, you’re no better than those ignorant Trump supporters.

It’s hard to think of anything more sickening than being told you must stop loving your family because of your skin color. It’s hatred designed to humiliate and demoralize. Once you stop loving your family, the foundation of society, nothing else is worth defending. Eventually, white people are reduced to powerless serfs who hate themselves, their neighbors, and their ancestors. That’s the ultimate goal.

Student activists at the University of Chicago promote that goal. Take a look at the student organization UChicago United. According to its website, the organization “was established in spring of 2017 as a way to address a number of racist incidents that had been occurring at UChicago.” The goal of the organization, the website adds, is “to structurally transform the University of Chicago’s campus into a truly inclusive space that fits the needs of and empowers students of color.”

In other words, the goal is to fight racism. Great. There isn’t a single student at UChicago who would have a problem with that goal. And yet amazingly, the students behind UChicago United did the exact opposite of that goal.

Every academic year, UChicago United holds a number of events during the first few weeks. These events aim to teach incoming students “the truths of the university that are conveniently left out of the UChicago welcome brochures.” At the beginning of this academic year, UChicago United announced the lineup of events.

One of the events is called “Race @ UChicago.” Unlike the other events listed, this one has a requirement, emphasized in all capitalized letters: “A BIPOC-ONLY space.”

For the uninitiated, “BIPOC” stands for “black, indigenous, people of color.” In other words, white students aren't allowed to attend this event. Their perspective has no value because they’re white.

Don’t miss what’s happening here. The only white students who would be interested in attending this event are the wokest of the woke. And even they’re still not allowed to participate because they’re white. It almost sounds made up. But none of these white allies will complain. They know their place. You have to wonder if they have a humiliation fetish.

Let’s take a step back. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? We have these students who say they want to fight racism. And yet these same students are the only students at UChicago publicly and proudly promoting racism. Why am I the only student talking about this?

Will UChicago’s student newspaper, The Chicago Maroon, write an article about this? Of course not. Its reporters are the kind who are far more concerned about a majority-white fraternity holding a “racially insensitive” party on Cinco de Mayo. Ironically, UChicago United protested that party and demanded punishment. As always, white students must know their place.

So what’s actually going on here? It’s obvious. UChicago United is merely an organization that hates white people. Who could’ve seen that coming?

It’s easy to stop here and only complain about the hypocrisy. But there’s an even more important lesson here:

If you’re a white person in America, the worst people in our society will always hate you for being white, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can be the best “ally” humanly possible, and these people will still treat you like a second-class citizen. To make matters worse, no major institution will stand up for you. You’re on your own. In today’s social hierarchy, you exist at the bottom. Learn your place.

This lesson is being taught to woke white students all across the country. At UC Berkeley, an off-campus housing co-op banned white students. At Vassar College, the student newspaper deleted an article and apologized because it contained too many quotes from white students. At the University of Michigan, an advisor to the student government wrote a letter to his administration complaining that too many woke white students were “colonizing” the multicultural center.

The examples are endless. Will white students eventually learn? Time will tell.

White students: you have a choice. If you want to keep trying to appease people who will always hate you because you’re white, never change. But if you slightly respect yourself, perhaps you should stop proudly participating in these never-ending humiliation rituals meant to please the most resentful and miserable students. That’s all this really is.

The views expressed in this article solely represent the author's views and not necessarily College Dissident's.

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