The Republican Party is dead. The complete and total failure in the 2022 midterms makes it quite clear that the GOP is losing its grip on American politics. Even with voter fraud, Republicans should have easily swept both chambers of Congress. Democrats have produced soaring inflation, historic crime waves, and devastating foreign policy decisions that would be enough to flip party control at any other point in history.

So, who or what is to blame for the Republican Party's colossal underperformance? Conservative influencers and establishment politicians have thrown out several potential reasons, including the party's embrace of “Trumpism” and that Republicans were too strong on abortion. Yet a simple analysis of the election results patently refutes these claims. For example, 92% of Trump-endorsed candidates won in the 2022 Republican primaries, and in the general election, 158 won, with only 29 losing. Clearly, most Republican voters support MAGA, exempting Trump from any blame in the midterms.

Regarding abortion, the GOP performed well in all 13 states with trigger laws. In states where abortion became illegal immediately after the Supreme Court decided to repeal Roe v. Wade, Republicans were unaffected, with every governor who signed an abortion ban winning re-election. In Ohio, which passed a heartbeat law, Republicans won nearly every statewide election by 20 points.

Blaming the GOP's midterm failures on MAGA ideology or pro-life absolutism is a desperate attempt to shift responsibility away from the actual source of the problem: the Republican establishment continually betraying its voting base time and time again. Perhaps nothing demonstrates this point more than the recent omnibus bill passed with the aid of 18 Senate Republicans. This massive spending bill, awaiting Joe Biden's signature, contains another $45 billion for Ukraine, funding for federal agencies like the DOJ, FBI, and Capitol Police, and funding for prosecutors of the January 6 defendants.

Amazingly, Republican lawmakers thought it would be a good idea to fund the organizations tyrannically targeting their constituents. The DOJ is holding patriots who protested a stolen election in solitary confinement, and the FBI has labeled parents who oppose transgender ideology in schools as domestic terrorists. Both received millions more in funding thanks to Republican legislators.

Another instance of the Republican establishment betraying its base is the Respect for Marriage Act, which codifies same-sex marriage into law, and 51 House and Senate Republicans helped pass it. Despite many Republican voters being Christians who believe in traditional marriage and are adamantly opposed to the LGBT agenda, Republican lawmakers aided in passing a bill that directly disrupts the nuclear family and accelerates the degradation of traditional values.

In the past two years, Republicans Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell have also voted for vaccine mandates, amnesty for illegal DACA immigrants, the Select January 6th Committee, statehood for Washington, D.C., and $100 billion in aid to Ukraine. Even the congressional leaders of the Republican Party cannot bother to fight for their voters.

Besides betraying their base, Republican officials have also done nothing to fight for the values of their constituents. The majority of the GOP has failed to secure the border, end abortion, prevent election fraud, stop Big Tech censorship, or fight against anti-white discrimination and the cultural corruption of our nation. If Republicans cannot come up with a measly $5 billion for a border wall while occupying all branches of government, then why should their constituents continue to support them?

Until Donald Trump came on the scene, the Republican establishment was in a perpetual state of defense, slowly retreating and enabling the opposition to destroy the country with progressive policies. With Trump gone, the only thing Republicans are now useful for is stalling the Democrat agenda — they do not actively fight to implement their own. They campaign on a conservative platform to grift off their base and gain popular support, but once they gain power, they succumb to the corruption of Washington, D.C., scrambling to appease the top donors. One example is Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who adamantly opposed any foreign aid to Ukraine while on the campaign trail. Once elected, however, she shifted from ending the aid to auditing the aid.

By failing to fight for conservative principles (and in some cases even aiding in the destructive agenda of the Democrat Party), the Republican establishment has betrayed its constituents. It is time for Christian Americans to hold their representatives accountable.

The views expressed in this article solely represent the author's views and not necessarily College Dissident's.

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